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TCC, an international chemical distributor

CEO Nicholas Roach originally founded TCC as The Chemical Company in 1988, in Jamestown, Rhode Island. His passion for ethical business practices provided the company with a solid foundation that stimulated steady growth supported by a loyal, long-term workforce. The company mission is to develop strong business relationships built on honesty and integrity. We are in the trenches every day forging bonds and assessing potential suppliers that will best serve our ever-growing customer base.

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About The Chemical Company

Your customers demand the best — and that’s what we deliver. At The Chemical Company, we understand our customers’ need for the best from their chemical suppliers. The challenges of a fluctuating, worldwide economy are many. Every dollar and every sale is precious. Your customers expect the best from you so they can compete in today’s ever-evolving chemical marketplace. That’s when The Chemical Company is invaluable. When you need the best — we deliver.

We have consistently provided our clients with the highest quality chemical products and efficient service in the chemical industry for over 25 years. We believe in building lasting relationships by partnering with our chemical suppliers and customers around the globe to form strong alliances. This practice translates into better sourcing and competitive pricing. Establishing a relationship with The Chemical Company will put a quarter-century of experience and expertise to work for you. The Chemical Company  is one of the top chemical distribution and chemical supply companies in the world. We work hard to live up to that reputation. We will make every effort to be your most valuable asset and dependable resource.


Global Chemical Suppliers and Distributors

Yes, we still offer one-on-one personal service every time, all the time. The Chemical Company is one of the most respected global chemical suppliers and distributors because we focus on anticipating the needs of the marketplace. Our response network never closes. We stock our inventory in a network of warehouses throughout the world. We have procurement offices in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. When you call The Chemical Company, you get one-on-one service from a real person, the procurer. Middlemen are never involved. We are recognized worldwide for our advanced, accurate solutions.

Unlocking the Americas!

The Chemical Company has enjoyed continued growth in Latin America. We train field personnel to offer customer service and technical support in the native languages. We are committed to continuing this strong bond in Latin America with both customers and producing partners.


A Focus on Customer Benefit

The Chemical Company is independently owned. We are not obligated to stockholders. Consequently, everything we do at TCC is designed to fulfill the needs of our customers.

At The Chemical Company, we stand behind our products. We do not cut corners. We have implemented a rigid, sophisticated control system to assure you, our valued customer, the highest quality chemicals in the marketplace. Our progressive management team continually holds safety inspections, monitored quality checks, and consistent traffic follow-ups so that you will never receive anything less than the highest grade of chemicals at the best price.

The Chemical Company is consistently rated one of the top chemical producers and distributors in the country. We provide chemicals for the manufacture of products that range from commodities and resins to advanced pharmaceutical preparations. Our years of experience and performance have gained our customers’ trust.

To meet the challenges of continually advancing marketplace technologies, we work as advocates for innovation by developing joint projects with our manufacturers and suppliers. Because of these proactive unions, The Chemical Company is now the exclusive agent throughout North and South America for some of the world’s largest chemical producers.

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